Coming from two different corners of the country of Germany where science and technology have been a very significant part of the economy, the artist duo of Alexander Limbach and Mareen Fischinger couldn’t have a more unalike background of talent: Alexander is a specialist in computer generated graphics while Mareen creates vivid and empathic people photography.

They met while being artists of the same agency and realized their potential would more than double at the moment they’d combine what both are best at.

How does this work?
Mareen and Alexander discuss ideas and plan images with certain space and light – At her photo shoots, Mareen helps models imagine there is „something there“, then Alexander steps in and manufactures 3D constructions for them to look at and touch. The angles and light, and of course the right emotions play a big part where both artists need to cooperate closely to create the connection between human nature and futuristic technology.

You can contact the Infinite Lux duo to request individual artwork for your business. Existing imagery could be altered and tailored to your wishes or new pieces can be produced to fit your needs.

Email to or call us at +49-170-3238748 (Mareen), also if you would like to licence imagery you have found on our website.

About the artists:

Mareen Fischinger is a conceptual and commercial photographer with a background in communications design, which she studied at HSD PBSA Düsseldorf (Dipl.-Des. in 2009). Her photography is warm, she loves connecting people with products and emotions with technology and medicine. Her clients book her for organizational talent, the wonderful atmosphere on set and in the results, of course. Find Mareen’s photos here:

Alexander Limbach is designer with a background in financials who has started by producing 2D vector images in „Adobe Illustrator“ and cartoon illustrations in „Cinema 4D“ around 2012. He is also a self-taught photographer, knows his way around in „Adobe Photoshop“, „After Effects“ and „Premiere Pro“. He would normally realize imagery of conceptual content by illustrating and animating them digitally. See more of his work here:

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